Yeux ronds C&F Design (CFTM-42)

Designed for baitfish, crustacean and insect imitations. Use crisscross thread wraps for installation
Price €4.88

Yeux plats C&F Design (CFTM-40)

Designed for baitfish and squid imitations.
Price €5.70

Yeux 3D epoxy fluo - 20 P

More life to your imitations
Price €4.55

Billes Tungstene De Charette - 25 P

Heavy tungsten balls, fast dive speed
Price €4.55

Casque Stream Serig MDC

To make streamer heads or articulated lures.
Price €2.73

Oeilplast Relief MDC

Very realistic eyes for streamers, poppers, articulated lures.
Price €3.64

Oeil Stream Lest MDC

Very realistic eyes for streamers, articulated lures.
Price €2.73