Varnish - glues - wax

A selection of fly finish varnishes, cyanolite glues (quick glue), epoxy, pitch. Our favorite brands are Mouches de Charette, Loon outdoors, Zap, Tiemco, C&F Design. Preset items are suitable for all mounting and finishing styles such as UV CLEAR, WB HEAD, SWAX, ZAP-CA, tension varnish, epoxy, liquid pitch.

Vernis Rapide De Charette

Varnish with brush plug for consolidating bodies and heads
Price €4.13

Resine Uv Epaisse De Charette

Translucent, thick texture, carapace making and head of streamers
Price €50.99

Resine Uv Fine De Charette

Perfectly translucent, UV dry. Allows meticulous finishing of imitations.
Price €57.81
  • Online only

Loon outdoors - UV Clear Fly Finish

Finishing varnish - EPOXY MONO COMPONENT
Price €16.49

Magic Paint Uv De Charette

Colouring a nymph head or bowline knots. Dry in the sun.
Price €10.74