Resine Uv Epaisse De Charette

Translucent, thick texture, carapace making and head of streamers
Price €50.99

Resine Uv Fine De Charette

Perfectly translucent, UV dry. Allows meticulous finishing of imitations.
Price €57.81
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Loon outdoors - UV Clear Fly Finish

Finishing varnish - EPOXY MONO COMPONENT
Price €16.49

Magic Paint Uv De Charette

Colouring a nymph head or bowline knots. Dry in the sun.
Price €10.74

Quick Set Epoxy Zap De Charette

High quality 5-minute bi-component epoxy for finishing fly heads and smooth bodies
Price €7.19

Résine UV teintée Loon Outdoors

The fastest and easiest way to add color to a fly. UV Fly Finish is the colored companion to UV Clear Fly Finish and does...
Price €16.49