Salmon & Predator

Salmon or predator fly rods are JMC or SCOTT brands. Peak action or more progressive action. Snake or single-legged rings.

Cannes JMC Punisher

Punisher rods are designed for tracking freshwater and marine predators.
Price €359.50

Canne JMC Migration Trout

Fun and productive, trout fishing with two-hander rods is becoming ever more popular.
Price €247.11

Cannes JMC Cosmos

Equipped with a highmodulus carbon blank, cosmos two-hander rods are true casting machines.
Price €643.80

Canne JMC Furious Fly

Built for tracking freshwater predators, furious rods combine lightness and power.
Price €189.26

Canne JMC Pulsation

When designing this rod for marine predator fishing, we called on renowned anglers who are experts in this special area.
Price €351.24

Canne JMC Migration

Over the years, the migration range has earned a solid reputation among the growing numbers of enthusiasts of two-hander rods.
Price €247.11

Canne Scott T3H

T3h two handed and switch rods advance casting and feel with X-Core technology. Find out how easy it is to form tight flat...
Price €784.30

Canne Scott Radian DH

Light in hand with high line speed, and loads of feel, Radian two handers are perfect for anglers who prefer “touch and go”...
Price €904.96