The JMC brand covers an uncompromising range of rods for fly anglers who demand the best of technology within a reasonable budget.

Canne JMC Furious Fly

Built for tracking freshwater predators, furious rods combine lightness and power.
Price €152.89

Canne JMC Migration Trout

Fun and productive, trout fishing with two-hander rods is becoming ever more popular.
Price €185.95

Canne JMC Migration

Over the years, the migration range has earned a solid reputation among the growing numbers of enthusiasts of two-hander rods.
Price €205.79

Canne JMC Pulsation

When designing this rod for marine predator fishing, we called on renowned anglers who are experts in this special area.
Price €304.96

Canne JMC Passion

The passion range offers a wide variety of models, so you can handle just about any situation in freshwater with confidence.
Price €139.67

Cannes Performer JMC

The performer series is new to the catalogue. this broad range with the most advanced blank is specially designed for modern...
Price €354.55