A selection of quick repair products as well as fishing equipment maintenance.

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Kit de Clous Pour Chausssure Wading

More ground contact, more safety.
Price €20.50

Semelle Feutre Universelle

Replace the felt pads on your shoes regularly.
Price €12.31

Sinking Line Dressing Tiemco

A very useful degreaser for fishing at the right depth.
Price €17.02

Accroche Bottes Universel

At home the boots, shoes or waders are well hung for natural drying.
Price €9.09

Repar-waders Express

Today, at the water's edge, and already the repair done, 15 minutes later, you're fishing.
Price €8.43

Porte Bottes - Chaussures - Waders

At home or at the hotel, boots, shoes or waders are hung up to dry naturally.
Price €9.09

Graisse Bas De Ligne Tiemco JMC

Grease your leaders
Price €17.02